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Blog SEO Tips and Tricks

An important factor to take into to consideration when writing your Blog or producing video content is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In this post I’ll provide you with blog SEO tips and tricks that can help get your content seen, read and converted into paying clients.

Who are you writing for

Know your audience and write in a format that they will understand. Don’t start using technical jargon in post that’s targeting people who are learning or looking for information from your blog. In any business you should have a client avatar, this is your ideal customer. All too often people generalise their blog hoping to appeal to all. Get over it, you won’t please all the people all of the time!

What should you write in your blog for SEO?

People often struggle with content and end up writing nothing. I often hear from clients who say they don’t know what to write in their blog. When I sit down and spend time with them, they end up telling me everything I need to know about their industry. And when I then tell them they’ve just created 10 blogs in the time they have spoken to me  – there is the light bulb moment! You can split your blogs into several different categories, informative, funny, educational, how to, experience, list posts (top 10) and so on. Once you’ve written your blog, you can then categorise it and put it in the bank to be used not only your website, but social media channels too.


So, you’ve come up with some content ideas, now make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Ask yourself, what are they searching for? What they need answers to? How can they…? This is the key part of any blog writing. Image of Google research for Blog SEOAt Black Country Digital Marketing we use tools to establish what people are searching for on google. We can help you see what your competition are writing and what interaction their blogs and posts are getting. Chances are, if it’s getting good interaction, people are interested. I often find that people spend hours of their time writing a blog only to find it gets no traction. This is because they haven’t followed the blog SEO tips and tricks!

Always do your research, you’ll save time in the long run.


These are the words you want to be ranked for. If you’ve done your research you’ll know what these are; it’s now just a case of getting them in your content. This is a whole subject on it’s own, as a result I’ll cover this in a later blog. In brief, you need to use the keywords in context and mention them a number of times (there is no definitive but work on 4 to 5 times/400 words.

As part of our service we offer content creation services and advice, if you would like more blog SEO tips and tricks or want advice on your current website content please contact us




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