Which Domain Name Should I Buy?

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Which Domain Name Should I Buy?

If your reading this then you’ve made the first steps to a new life. So which domain name should I buy? You’ve completed your research and found a market you want to enter in to. In this day and age you need a website but how do you go about registering a domain and which domain should you buy. In this short post I’ll give you certain things to consider and where to buy your domain.

Many businesses spend far too much time and overthink their choice of company name, just watch the initial episode of the Apprentice and see how people try and strive to come up with that obscure word that has some sort of successful meaning. Now if your the likes of Apple you can just come up with a random name, their presence in the market place allows them to do so. But if your starting out, coming up with a random name that has no relation to your business is pointless.

Should I choose .com, .co.uk, .org, .uk?

When considering which domain name I should buy you need to look at who you wish to serve? Do you want to be an international, national or local company? The reason I ask this is this will affect the domain you choose to buy, if you’re looking to be international then a .com domain may serve you best, if you’re looking to just serve clients in the uk then .co.uk will serve you far better – while there’s no concrete proof google will rank you based on your domain, so keep it country specific.

What is your business?

If you’re a plumber in Dudley and you are only serving that area then think along the lines of that for your domain. For a moment think about how you use google to search, more often than not if your looking for a plumber in Dudley then that’s what you’ll enter in the search. Having a domain www.pipinghot.co.uk (I do like this name, must check if it’s available!) is not going to rank you for people looking for plumbers in Dudley. Research what people are looking for, don’t be too precious about your own name!

How do I buy a domain?

Image of which domain name should I buy?There are numerous domain sellers out there and don’t panic if a domain is unavailable¬†there are websites you can use to find the owner. The process of buying a domain is relatively straight forward and can be done by anyone, we would always advise you buy your domain as you then have control. You can check availability and buy a domain here.




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